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DesignContest is a crowdsourced design site which currently includes 238,000 qualified designers. Even more than most crowdsourced sites, this one focuses almost exclusively on design contests—a style of finding a designer where you set up a competition and then choose a winner from among multiple designers who submitted their work for consideration. With the site available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Russian, it is a truly international option for your design needs.


This particular site has existed since 2003, when it was founded by Sergey Epifanov, and currently functions under the leadership of CEO Sergey Nekipelov. At the time of our DesignContest review, the site has facilitated 10,696 design competitions that included over two million unique designs. Today, they base their model on three values—fast decisions, talented solutions, and reasonable prices.


DesignContest works similarly to most design contest sites, but with a few adjustments. First of all, this site emphasizes the design contest over hiring a designer directly in an extreme way. While there is a one-on-one option, there is virtually no guidance in choosing a designer if you go with this method. You will simply be presented with a list of designers and their ratings to choose from. The more developed option is the design contest, which is a four-step process:

Create a brief—This step is very simple on Designcontest with very little information given. You simply enter a company name and project description, and then rate what you’re looking for on five different scales (minimal to complex, modern to classic, playful to serious, loud to subtle, and luxury to budget). From there, you will select your price package from their options, and add extra options if you want to (such as extra advertising or 2nd and 3rd place prizes), and pay.

Wait for responses—Traditional contests last seven days, so once it is started, you should begin receiving submissions within a few days. The number of responses will be dependent on your brief and pricing, and the website gives you an estimate of how many to expected based on those parameters.

During this time, you can give feedback to the designers in real time to offer corrections or suggestions, eliminate designs, and start voting for your contest.

Pick a winner—At any point before the deadline, you can choose a winner from the submissions. From the time you choose a winner, you will have seven days to finalize the design and ask for changes. You do have the option to also try to buy any other designs from your contest for $99 which will open up a one-one-one project with that designer

Take ownership—Once you are happy with the design (or your seven days are up), the designer will send you source files for the design. These come in vector, AI, or EPS unless you specify otherwise in your brief. You will have a chance to review the files, and then both you and the designer will sign documents to transfer all copyright ownership to you.


  • High ratings (4.8/5 stars from customers)
  • Extra options on the contest (like 2nd and 3rd place awards) can help you attract more designers and get better results
  • Integrated polling technology allows you to get opinions from friends or clients before making your decision
  • There is real time interaction with designers during your contest
  • All designers undergo qualification testing before being allowed to join the site
  • Contests are all protected by NDAs and do not appear in search engines


  • The “set your own price” option only allows prices higher than the packages, meaning that this site is quite expensive, with logos starting at $275
  • The moneyback guarantee has a lot of conditions which have to be met in order to apply (ex. you must have commented on at least 80% of the designers who have submitted a design)
  • The brief is very short and offers little guidance to designers


The conclusion of our DesignContest review is that this is a utilitarian option for crowdsourced design. If you already know what you want, or you want designers to have complete freedom, the straightforward brief is a blessing, but because of its simplicity, you will need to give more feedback during the contest in order to help designers really achieve the style you want.

The large number of designers and extra options for the contest offer a good motivation for designers to participate, and the privacy policy is solid, but the higher prices and lack of guidance during the process may be off-putting to some. Also, be sure to read the fine print for the moneyback guarantee so that you don’t get stuck.

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our rating









1-14 days

Robert N.


lots of options

Great design with too many options to choose from. Much better than using a single designer and working through many revisions and never getting exactly what you want.

Paul D.


worked for us:)

There were so many great submissions we almost got choice fatigue! The process was simple and we now have a design that works for our organisation.

Kyle P.


Love my new logo

This was my first experience with DesignConstest. It went really well. I was overwhelmed with the amount of entries at first but finally got the hang of how to rule each entry in or out. I love my new logo and will definitely recommend this website to anyone that needs a new design!

Elizabeth C.


Happy with my choice

Without a shadow of a doubt, after looking at many online design sites I would have to say that DesignContest is one of the best. They are VERY strict on copyright infringement, the top designers are first rate. You only need to look at the designers portfolios to see this. It is easy to use, and if the contest holder is not satisfied for some reason then he can have his money back. On rare occasions when a ‘team’ of people cannot agree on one logo, this sometimes happens. I would thoroughly recommend it. The site is friendly, the staff are very helpful, and the designers can have a great sense of humor and work together well.”

Yaron G.


Amazing experience

Amazed at the quality of work – it was hard just to choose one design:)

William A.


Happy with the results

Very good experience. Site gave us more than expected!

Danny C.


Good result on a budget

I found their service to be very fast, providing unique graphics for my website and at a very reasonable price! They have an attractive, easy to use website, featuring other graphics they have created in the past, which makes ordering the graphics much less hassle. The communication with the customer also impressed me, as they listened to what I wanted and produced the graphics that I had requested. Overall I am really happy with the products I received and would definitely use again. I would recommend it to anyone looking for graphics on a budget!

Terry M.


Great advice

My friend has recommended them to me. She has an experience with design crowdsourcing, so I have decided to use her advice. What an amazing experience that was! Before starting a contest I had consultations with a girl from client support. She was so kind and patient to explain me everything in detail. The contest handling was easy and fun, I could comment each of submitted designs directly on image. The most part of design entries looked so good and professional, I was completely satisfied with the outcome! I will recommend this service to my friends in the future.

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