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DesignContest is a crowdsourced design site, which currently includes 263,000 qualified designers. This site provides an excellent option of either starting a design contest in 35 different deliverable categories or hiring any one of its designers on a one-on-one basis.  

In September 2020, the company released a ‘speed and services’ 2.0 upgrade with enhanced user experience, the option to hire any of its professionals directly, and they have strengthened their guarantees on design delivery and client satisfaction. DesignContest now fills professional needs in 35 design categories, including logo creation, packaging, website design, and more.


This crowdsource design site has existed since 2003, making it one of the longest-existing and trusted freelance platforms in the design space. To date, the site has facilitated 13,335 design competitions that included over 3.4 million unique designs. Their 95% rating from clients exemplifies their dedication to customers and high quality deliverables.  


DesignContest operates very similar to the other major design contest websites in the industry. However, the initial design process is extremely fast and user-friendly. Any entrepreneur or small business can easily choose between starting a design contest or searching for and hiring a select professional.

Unlike other sites, the user on DesignContest can go through designer portfolios, another upgrade that places best work in front for client eyes. Hiring a designer also comes with faster and more direct communication with that designer.

What do you need?

Right off the bat, users get to choose what type of design product they want, and there are 35 categories from which to choose. This then rolls them quickly into the brand name, then industry type, and specifics on need. Again, we see this as far more intuitive as their prior version.

Design Brief: As we discussed above, this is one of the simplest steps on DesignContest. Our last review wanted more detail and did they deliver!

Now you get not only get brief parameters on five distinct scales (modern to classic, minimal to complex, loud to subtle, playful to serious, and luxury to budget), but they also include specifics on what the client ‘likes’ or ‘doesn’t like’ – with text to expound. There is also an option to add image files to show designers off-the-bat examples of taste and need.

Then you get to select a package and you get to fix your prize money for the same. You also get to add extra options like contest add-ons and you could add prize money for 2nd or 3rd design winners as well.

The option for more awards to non-winners often produces more designers per contest.

Contest Run & Feedback: Usually contests last for about seven days, and once started, you should start receiving submissions after just a few hours. The number of design entry submissions is determined directly by the contest pricing and design brief. The platform provides you an estimate of how many designs you can anticipate to receive for your contest.

In this time, you can provide feedback to the designers as your contest progresses. You can eliminate designs, vote for the ones you like, suggest changes and corrections to the designers.

Select a winner : At any given point before the contest comes to an end, you have the option to choose a final winner from the design submissions. From the moment you finalize a winner, you have seven days to request changes and finalize the design. You also have the option to buy any other design from the contest for a price of $99, which also starts a one-to-one job with the designer.

Final Design Handover : Once you finalize the design (or the seven day period is over), the designer sends you the final source files of the design. All file formats including high resolution JPG, PNG, AI, vector, SVG, etc are provided to you. Once you both confirm the completion, the copyright of the files transfers to the client, and the designer is paid the prize money of the contest. 



  • Consistent rating near 95% (4.8/5 stars from customers)
  • Extra options on the contest (like 2nd and 3rd place awards) to help you attract more designers and get better results
  • Ability to hire any of their 263,000 professional designers directly
  • Fast and highly-intuitive user experience (2.0 speed and services update)
  • Real-time interaction with designers during your contest
  • Money-back and design delivery guarantees


  • The option to set a variable prize money can increase the price of a contest variably.
  • The money back guarantee has a lot of conditions which have to be met in order to apply (ex. you must have commented on at least 80% of the designers who have submitted a design)
  • The brief could be longer


Our DesignContest review saw many positive changes from their 2.0 update in September 2020. It has strengthened itself as a serious player, having made a strong investment into winning individual and small company client business from other players.

If you are clear about what your requirement is, or you want to give designers complete freedom, the clear and simple brief is a blessing. This however is becomes a pain too, since you will need to give more feedback during the contest run time for the designers to be able to reproduce designs close to your requirement.

The large number of designers and extra options for the contest offer a good motivation for designers to participate, and the privacy policy is solid. DesignContest has improved the brief process and also improved in customer communication and service. Also, be sure to read between the lines for the money-back guarantee as the platform is strict and requires you to follow certain mandatory steps in order for you to be eligible for refund.

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Check out the full review on Designcontest, one of the top crowdsourcing design sites. From logo design, full website design, banners, t-shirts and more.

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